• TCorr Combo Bin
  • Corrugated Cremation Trays
  • 40'' Triple Wall (Inside Detail)
  • Produce Bin (Non-Print)
  • Watermelon Bin (Printed)
  • 40'' Vented
  • 40'' Triple Wall
  • 40'' Bottom Flap (Inside Detail)
  • 80'' Pepper Vented
  • 60'' Rolled Edge Pickle (Wax)
  • 50'' Double Wall Special
  • 60'' Rolled Edge Detail Shot
  • 40'' Ultra-Pack 2000

A Proven Leader in the Industry

Con Pac South is one of the largest sources of Pre-strapped Bulk Bins, Bulk Shipping Containers, Octagon Bulk Bins, Corrugated Bulk Bins, Bulk Produce Bins, Cremation Trays, and Cremation Caskets.

Our shipping and packaging products are used in a variety of markets, ranging from the poultry industry to the cremation industry. Some of the uses of our shipping containers include Chicken Boxes, Pepper Bins, General Produce Boxes, Food Storage, Cremation Trays, Pumpkin Bins and Watermelon Bins.

Supported by multiple manufacturing operations and warehouse facilities. Con Pac South, Inc. provides on-site inventory and Just in Time programs for markets that demand specialty type products not readily available in a customer's immediate geographic area. Con Pac South, Inc. is the leader in the development and marketing of Pre-Strapped Bulk Shipping Containers.